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Tile guide

Tile continues to be one of the world’s most prolific flooring and décor mediums, wowing us with its endless potential. Right now, there are more tile flooring and wall tile options than ever before, making it easy to incorporate custom tile installations throughout your home and property. At Pinnell’s Carpet One Floor & Home of Angels Camp and Sonora, CA, we’re proud to be the region’s destination for better tile flooring and can help you bring every vision to reality.


Tile has been adorning our living spaces since ancient times, and modern innovation has given us thousands of products to browse. Perfect for floors and walls, tile lends a creative and durable touch both indoors and outdoors. Here’s a quick overview of tile and how to use it.


Types of Tiles


Which tile flooring is the right choice for your home? Tiles are made of various materials, but the most popular options are porcelain, ceramic, or stone. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are made from molded clay and sometimes glazed before being finished in a kiln.


Ceramic tile is one of the most popular mediums for bathrooms, entryways, and kitchens. It’s affordable and eclectic, as it’s made from kiln-fired clays. Choose from glazed or natural versions, depending on your texture preference.


A denser version of ceramic, porcelain tile is fired at a higher setting for a denser construction. Porcelain tile is perfect for outdoor use and showers, backsplashes, and accent walls.

Weather-resistant as Mother Nature intended, stone tile is a practical luxury that fares fine indoors and outdoors. Made from organic minerals like granite, slate, and marble, stone tile is built to stand the test of time.


Tile Installation


Tile can be installed in all types of indoor and outdoor environments. Choose with care. For an outdoor patio, a waterproof product like stone can work wonderfully. Porcelain tile, which is dense and sturdy, is an excellent flooring for kitchens and bathrooms to manage everyday moisture. These are just a couple of examples.


Our Tile Collection


Pinnell’s Carpet One Floor & Home is a proud member of Carpet One Floor & Home, the world’s largest independent flooring cooperative. We offer expansive purchasing power, an ever-growing tile inventory, and the industry’s favored brands. To learn more about tile or to check out our product displays, please visit us today, or call to schedule a FREE onsite product estimate. You can also shop our tile online.



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Caring for Tile

Tile is made to manage moisture, wear, and spills- so it’s incredibly durable and

easy to maintain. Still, here are a couple of expert tips for tidier tile.